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      • hammocks beach state park

        Council of State Delays OK of Park Deal

        Final approval of the state funds to begin the acquisition of about 290 acres for an addition to Hammocks Beach State Park in Swansboro was mysteriously pulled from the N.C. Council of State agenda yesterday.

      • pollinator-featured

        Giving Bees and Butterflies a Hand

        Since the beginning, humans have relied on a partnership with nature to survive. So it is only natural that when the tiniest workers in the human food chain are in danger, it is time to give them a little helping hand.

    • Our Coast

      • Banana pudding: The soft, sweet custard full of banana flavor melts its typical Nilla Wafer crust as quickly as it does Southerners' hearts. Photo: Liz Biro

        Our Coast’s Food: Banana Pudding

        Here’s a recipe for old-fashioned banana pudding. The soft, sweet custard full of banana flavor melts its typical Nilla Wafer crust as quickly as it does Southerners’ hearts.

    • Commentary

      • Photo: Sam Bland.

        Sam’s Field Notes: Sea Foam

        Ever wonder what creates those tufts of sea foam on the beach? Naturalist Sam Bland investigates that answer, and saves a couple shorebirds while he’s at it.

    • Science

      • Wildlife photographer and writer Jared Lloyd captured this shot of a harbor seal pup in Duck, N.C. Photo: Jared Lloyd

        Seals’ Appearance Is a Puzzle

        A mix of seal species is appearing on N.C. beaches with more and more frequency, but no one knows why. Could it be a consequence of a changing climate? One Duke University scientist is determined to find out.

    • Special Reports

      • SLR-thumb

        Sea-Level Rise Redux

        There were no fireworks this week over the release of a new draft report on sea-level rise along the N.C. coast. The new report contains no scary forecasts, no hockey stick graphs.

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    • Videos

      • This video of a northern right whale and her calf was shot in May 2014 somewhere off the N.C. coast. While the kayakers had the thrill of their lives, it’s important to note that they broke the law and endangered themselves.

      • Doug Kenyon of Manteo and some local kids teamed up in this humorous video about why it’s not a good idea to throw thrash down a storm drain.

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    News Briefs

    • Sand Squabble Over Oregon Inlet

      In the latest sand squabble over who pays for dredging and beach re-nourishment projects, a marathon Dare County Board of Commissioners meeting that started out weighing the pros and cons of using occupancy taxes for dredging quickly devolved Monday into a fishing versus business debate pitting the value of Oregon Inlet against beach re-nourishment.

    • Date of Outer Banks Oil Meeting Set

      The federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will hold a public scoping meeting on Monday, March 16, at the Ramada Inn in Kill Devil Hills about the recent proposal to open a portion of the Atlantic coastline, including North Carolina, to oil and natural gas leasing.

    • Drilling Forum Planned in Chapel Hill

      Several environmental groups are sponsoring a public forum in Chapel Hill on offshore oil drilling. The meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. March 12 at the William & Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education.

    • Public Can Comment on Land-Use Rules

      State rules that require local governments on the coast to plan for future growth are next up for legislatively mandated review. As part of the review process, people can comment on the rules through April 26.

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