Todd Miller

  • Commentary: Many Davids Beat Goliath

    Titan was a “Goliath,” toppled by ordinary people who waged an extraordinary campaign to protect their quality of life and environment, writes Todd Miller.

  • Commentary: What Oil Money?

    Todd Miller thinks the odds are pretty long that the feds will share revenues from offshore drilling with North Carolina any time soon.

  • We’re Giving Bald Head a Pass

    The federation isn’t going to formally object to a terminal groin on Bald Head Island because there’s not much habitat there left to protect.

  • The Polar Vortex, Climate Change and Our Coast

    The wild swings of winter weather, scientists tell us, are related to a changing climate. It may be time to dust off an old report that suggests ways to better prepare for a different future.

  • Hoop Pole Creek Preserve

    The “central park” of Atlantic Beach, the 31-acre preserve and nature trail was once threatened by development and is now about all that’s left of the town’s natural environment.