• New Look at Battle of the Atlantic Wrecks

    Underwater exploration firm Global Subdive of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recently shared this video showcasing its work with the UNC Coastal Studies Institute and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, surveying during summer 2016 the wrecks of the World War II German submarine U576 and the cargo ship Bluefields, off the North Carolina coast.

  • McGrady Talks Energy Policy at Summit

    Rep. Chuck McGrady, R-Henderson, discusses state energy policy March 3 during the University of North Carolina Institute for the Environment’s Clean Tech Summit.

  • Changing Coastline, Increased Vulnerability

    Recent analysis of aerial Dare County shoreline photographs from 1947, 1974 and 2007, coupled with other records and data, is helping researchers understand the region’s vulnerability to sea-level rise and other changes.

  • Fishermen Recover 4,270 Lost Crab Pots

    Commercial fishermen hired by the North Carolina Coastal Federation collected more than 4,200 derelict crab pots all along the state’s coast. Lost and derelict crab pots pose a navigation hazard in sounds and continue to trap and kill marine life.

  • Volunteers Join Effort to Clean Up Coast

    Volunteers up and down the state’s coast worked together on Jan. 14 to clean up litter on shorelines, a kickoff to the North Carolina Coastal Federation’s annual Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project. Erica Connery of the federation’s Wanchese office captured the action on Hatteras Island.

  • Documenting the Battle of the Atlantic

    Maritime archaeologist Joe Hoyt of NOAA’s Monitor National Marine Sanctuary discusses exploration of the wreck of the Dixie Arrow, a tanker sunk off Cape Hatteras by the German submarine U-71 on March 26, 1942.

  • Tracing Nesting Sea Turtles’ Family Trees

    Mellissa Dionesotes, assistant sea turtle monitor with the North Carolina Coastal Reserve, explains how the Masonboro Island sea turtle monitoring program works, including DNA testing to identify and track family lineages of nesting turtles. Video: Robert Seagle

  • December Feeding Frenzy

    A large group northern gannets dive in a feeding frenzy at Bogue Inlet, behind the point at Emerald Isle. Gannets are pelagic birds that show up close to shore in late fall and the winter, but are rarely seen feeding landward of the barrier islands. Video: Sam Bland

  • Haunted History: USCG Station Emerald Isle

    It’s not a spirit from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” but something, perhaps the ghost of Chief Warrant Officer William Finley Piner, has rattled a few crewmen at Station Emerald Isle.

  • Hyde County Seeks Help With Flooding

    Hyde County officials showed this video to the Coastal Resources Commission during its meeting Thursday in Atlantic Beach to raise awareness about the region’s ongoing flooding problems. Click the headline for more.

  • Coastal Science: How Sea Turtles Use Sound

    Researchers from Gettysburg College traveled from Pennsylvania to the North Carolina coast this past summer to look at how the tiniest sea turtles, loggerhead hatchlings, use sound in their everyday lives. Click the headline for the full story.

  • Coastal Scenes: Ken Humphries, Artist

    Ken Humphries moved to Marshallberg in the mid-1990s to build boats after finishing college. He never left. He spends a lot of time in a tiny wooden workshop behind his home in Marshallberg, where he creates art.