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‘Awash In Color’

Featured Photo

The late-afternoon sunlight casts rich hues over the dunes at Bogue Inlet in Emerald Isle. Photo: Sam Bland

“While watching a sunset, it also pays off to check the light behind you,” Sam said of his image captured on March 19. “The one thing that I thought about after taking the picture is that even the tiniest grain of sand casts a shadow. In this case the angle of the sun caused the sand grains to cast a shadow that created the contrast to accentuate the sand ripples.”

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About the Author

Sam Bland

Sam Bland spent much of his life out in the field as as a park ranger and park superintendent at the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation. Most of his 30 years with the division was spent at Hammocks Beach State Park near Swansboro where Sam specialized in resource management and environmental education. He also worked from 2009-18 for the North Carolina Coastal Federation, where he helped develop programs at the education center on Jones Island in the White Oak River. He is also an accomplished photographer.