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Nesting Loggerhead Spotted on NC Beach

Carole MacQueston, a resident of North Topsail Beach, captured this footage of a loggerhead sea turtle making its way back to the ocean on May 9 at about 7 a.m.

Her partner, John Baskis, was walking along the beach when he came across several onlookers and a loggerhead in the sand. The turtle had just finished laying her eggs and was covering them with sand when Baskis spotted her.

MacQueston said Baskis ran back to their condo, alerted her and they both went back to the spot. Then, she said, she began to record the sea turtle’s journey back to the ocean. MacQueston said sea turtle officials were called and on the scene of the sighting.

Sea turtle nesting runs from May through August. Those who spot sea turtles are encouraged to keep their distance and call the North Carolina Sea Turtle Project.

MacQueston added the video would be a great keepsake of a unique encounter.

“I was sure this was a once in a lifetime experience,” she said in an online message, “especially during the day.”

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