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State Launches Tool to Track Disaster Work

RALEIGH — North Carolina has added a new tool to help the state and citizens track disaster recovery efforts as communities across eastern North Carolina continue to recover from Hurricane Matthew, The North Carolina Department of Information Technology announced Tuesday., a new online resource built by the state’s Department of Information Technology  in partnership with the Governor’s Hurricane Matthew Recovery Office and the Department of Public Safety, allows easy access to detailed funding information for disaster recovery including information by county.

The site was initially built to track Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts. The expanded and improved site will track efforts for any natural disaster that strikes the state going forward.

Information will include aggregated data about the number of requests for assistance received for various programs and the total amount of aid provided. The site will also provide detailed spending data by funding source, agency and county.

Having that level of detail easily available will provide immediate information and additional transparency on the use of disaster recovery resources, according to the press release. The state can also use the data to establish targets for relief efforts and track progress toward reaching those goals.

“Recovering from disasters is a long and challenging process for individuals and for the communities themselves,” Public Safety Secretary Erik Hooks said in a statement. “The more detailed information we can provide to people quickly, the better they can help to manage their recovery.”

The site will also include public safety information about long-term recovery efforts, such as access to mental health programs, loan programs or grant programs.

The Government Data Analytics Center housed within the Department of Information Technology will feed data to the site, while the Department of Information Technology’s Digital Services Team will manage its operations.

“Technology is nothing more than a tool to improve lives,” Eric Boyette, State Chief Information Officer and Secretary of the Department of Information Technology, said in the statement. “I can’t think of a better way to use technology than to try to improve the way we help people rebuild after a disaster. I’m proud my team was able to work with the governor’s office and Emergency Management officials to build this resource.”

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