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Brunswick To Continue Cooking Oil Collection

BRUNSWICK COUNTY –The county has been collecting used cooking oil for the last few years and will continue to provide the service that comes at no additional cost to taxpayers.

Currently the county is seeking requests for proposals, or RFPs, from firms and businesses for collection, transportation, recycling and/or disposal of used cooking oil to be collected at Sunset Beach, Supply, Southport, Leland and two in Bolivia. RFPs are due Jan. 4. The contract period is for a minimum of one year, with two options to renew contract for one year.

Micki Bozeman, solid waste and recycling coordinator for Brunswick County, explained that the county has been collecting used cooking oil at the six sites since 2015.

“We have been averaging about 3,000 pounds a year and the numbers are increasing each year,”  Bozeman said. Oil from both residential and commercial use is collected.

She said it’s important to recycle used oil because, “Even if you use hot water to pour cooking oil down the drain, it will eventually cool and solidify. This will result in clogged drainage pipes. It can also cause irreversible damage to the sewer system as a whole. A clogged sewer system can cause an overflow into our streets.”

She added that “the end result is the cooking oil is recycled into bio-diesel which is a clean fuel and much less harmful to the environment.”

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