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CRC to Continue Sandbag Rules Discussion

MANTEO — The Coastal Resources Commission will continue its discussion on temporary erosion control structures, or sandbags, during its April 10-11 meeting in the Dare County Government Complex, 954 Marshall C. Collins Drive.

The meeting will begin at 3:15 p.m. on April 10 and is open to the public.

At the November meeting, the commission approved proposed amendments to the rules for sandbag use, including several significant changes, such as setting the time limit at eight years for all structures and removing the “vegetated” requirement for sandbag structures to remain beyond their permitted time when covered by sand.

The CRC will address a fiscal analysis of these proposed amendments during the April meeting. According to the report summary, oceanfront property owners within designated Ocean Erodible Areas, Inlet Hazard Areas and Areas of Environmental Concern, including private property owners and governments, will be most affected by these changes. The Department of Transportation will also be affected.

The Division of Coastal Management has estimated that property owners will save about $379 to $3,003 and DOT anywhere from $1,211 to $5,878 due to “delayed costs associated with the removal of sandbags, and the elimination of the requirement to plant vegetation on top of covered bags.”

DCM anticipates the effective date of these rule amendments to be Sept. 1.

Other items on the agenda include the following:

  • Variances: The commission will hear two requests for variances from its rules, one in Ocean Isle Beach and the other in Nags Head.
  • Legal updates: The commission will hear updates on litigation of interest.
  • Beach and inlet management: The commission will hear an overview of the inlet hazard areas of environmental concern and consider proposed rule language for a state port inlet management area of environmental concern. The commission will also review the ocean hazard setback lines used for siting oceanfront development.
  • Nourishment Project: DOT will give an an update on the Bonner Bridge and the Hatteras Island nourishment projects.
  • Public hearings: Hearings will be held on dune protection rules, the local permitting authority for single-family residences, a coastal stormwater rule correction and the commission’s delegation of certification for Coastal Area Management Act land use plans.

The Coastal Resources Advisory Council, a group that advises the state Coastal Resources Commission, is to meet at 1 p.m. April 10 at the Dare County Government Complex.

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