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Dare Rejects Arguments For Offshore Drilling

A ship trails an array of seismic air guns. Dare County Board of Commissioners, after hearing April 3 a presentation advocating seismic testing and offshore drilling, uphold their stance that it is an unacceptable risk. Photo: Ocean Conservation Research

MANTEO — The Dare Board of Commissioners provided time last week for offshore drilling advocates to speak but ultimately stuck to their position that the risks were unacceptable, the Outer Banks Sentinel reported.

Vice Chairman Wally Overman said during the meeting April 3, “I can’t imagine a worse place to be drilling.”

The meeting included a presentation by an anti-wind-power activist who claimed seismic surveys have resulted in no consequential environmental problems, that an oil spill would be extremely unlikely and that wind turbines produce more damage and greater risk to coastal tourism.

Commissioner Jack Shea compared exploration and drilling to “playing Russian roulette.” Board Chairman Bob Woodard said he remained “adamant” in his opposition to seismic testing and drilling.

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