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Comment Period on Chemours Ends July 11

RALEIGH – The 30-day public comment period on a proposed court order against Chemours ends Wednesday, July 11.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality filed on June 11 a proposed court order to require the Chemours Co. to implement several measures to eliminate or reduce air emissions and water impacts caused by GenX and related compounds, as well as address contamination in and around the Fayetteville Works facility, the state agency announced Friday.

The public can comment on the proposed order until July 11. Comments will be used in the evaluation to determine if changes to the proposed order are needed. DEQ will submit a revised order to the court, if needed, and intends to ask the court at that time to issue the proposed order.

DEQ in the press release detailed the requirements that the proposed order states that Chemours must perform.

Chemours must:

  • Reduce facility-wide air emissions of GenX compounds by at least 97 percent by Aug. 31, with a 99 percent reduction required by Dec. 31, 2019.
  • Conduct re-testing of private drinking wells on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, depending on the level of GenX compounds detected in the initial round of testing.
  • Provide permanent alternative water supplies or treatment systems to households impacted by groundwater contamination.
  • Conduct toxicity studies relating to human health and aquatic life impacts from chemicals at the facility.
  • Notify and coordinate with downstream public water utilities when an event at the facility has the potential to cause a discharge of GenX compounds into the Cape Fear River above the health goal of 140 parts per trillion.

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