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New Neighbors: American Robins

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An American robin hatchling instinctively responds to sound by opening up as another struggles to emerge from its shell in a nest in a tree on a lawn in Newport. Photo: Mark Hibbs

Robins are fairly common or common in all coastal North Carolina counties, according to the Carolina Bird Club, but are uncommon or rare on barrier islands during the breeding season. Lawns and farmlands are their main breeding habitat, rather than most forested areas, making them as well adapted to man’s presence as any native bird.

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Mark Hibbs

Mark Hibbs is editor of Coastal Review Online. A native of coastal North Carolina, Mark joined Coastal Review Online in 2015, after more than 20 years with the Carteret County News-Times, where he served as a staff writer and photographer, business editor and assistant to the editor. Mark has won numerous awards for his reporting, including numerous N.C. Press Association awards, the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association's Friend of the Coast Media Award and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2009 Small Business Journalist of the Year Award for the Southeast Region. Mark is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.