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Bill Nye’s 1989 Wetlands Video

In 1989, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” takes his audience on an educational tour of wetlands to illustrate the importance of, as Nye sums up, a wetland, which “is any place where the land is wet.”

“Wetlands are also important as a home to thousands of species of fish and wildlife, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, amphibia, fish and shellfish. All need wetlands to live and grow,” Nye says in the video.

He also explains how wetlands filter water. “The soil and plants, plants like these in the wetland, actually help clean the water up.”

The Washington State Department of Ecology produced the video filmed in the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge in Washington State using funds from the National Oceanic Administration, or NOAA, under the Coastal Zone Management Act.

Wetlands include a range of natural systems, such as marshes, swamps, bottomland hardwoods, pocosins and wet flats. Wetlands are important to coastal North Carolina because these areas perform various functions, including protecting water quality, preventing floods and erosion, and maintaining fish populations have become evident, according to the state Department of Environmental Quality.

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