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Engineless Cargo Ship Calls at NC Port

The crew of the engineless sailing cargo ship, Tres Hombres, called this week at the North Carolina Port of Morehead City to unload cargo.

Marine cargo surveyor Charles Leeuwenburg recorded the crew of the 105-foot schooner unload bags of organic cocoa beans by hand.

The Tres Hombres has been sailing since December 2009, when the restored brigantine was added to the fleet of Netherlands-based Fairtransport, “the world’s first modern ’emission free’ shipping company,” according to the company. “This brigantine is the prototype vessel for breaking open the market for sailing cargo.”

The goal of Fairtransport is to sail cargo emission free, “with a focus on transporting special products which are organic, or crafted traditionally – such as olive oil, wine and rum. In addition, to raise awareness about the huge amounts of pollution created by the modern shipping industry and affect positive change in the way goods are shipped around the world.”

The Tres Hombres was built in 1943 to serve as a minesweeper, a naval vessel used to clear an area of mines, and was rediscovered in Delft in 2007 by the company’s founders. After the ship was restored, it was added to the fleet of Fairtransport in Transatlantic emission-free freight service.

The ship maintains a shipping route to transport of cargo between Europe, the Islands in the Atlantic, the Caribbean and America. In addition to the ship’s capacity for 35 tons of cargo, the sailing vessel can accommodate a crew of five professional sailors and 10 trainees.

Leeuwenburg extended his thanks to Metro Ports stevedoring company, TowboatUS Beaufort and other host agencies.

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