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Avangrid Mulls Solar Project Near Wind Farm

Avangrid Renewables, the company behind the Amazon Wind Farm in northeastern North Carolina, is exploring plans to build a solar farm nearby, the Elizabeth City Daily Advance reported.

The Avangrid Renewables Amazon Wind Farm, the first commercial-scale wind farm in North Carolina, became fully operational in late 2016. Photo: N.C. Department of Revenue

Avangrid’s business development manager Andrew Makee said during an Elizabeth City Morning Rotary Club gathering last week that the solar project could be sited within the company’s 22,000-acre, 104-turbine wind farm, although he didn’t address project specifics.

A permit application for the project is months away, Makee told the group.

In responses to Rotarians’ questions, Makee said the company’s wind farm creates no interference problems for the Navy’s long-range surveillance radar array in Chesapeake, Virginia, and that the company had worked with the Navy on software modifications to filter out “noise” associated with turbines and their components.

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