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Keep Pounding Day with Better Beaches

Better Beaches OBX spent the day with volunteers from the Carolina Panthers planting 6,000 sea oats in southern Kitty Hawk.

Sponsored by the Carolina Panthers, the professional football team provided all product and materials necessary to put the sea oats in the ground, said Donny King with Better Beaches OBX.

The project in Kitty Hawk is one of 25 community service initiatives taking place in 25 communities in the Carolinas on the inaugural Keep Pounding Day May 1, in honor of Carolina’s late No. 51, Sam Mills.

King said that about 50 volunteers showed up for Keep Pounding Day. Volunteers were divided into about 10 teams of four people and each team was assigned about a tenth of the mile where the sea oats where planted.

Kitty Hawk Director of Public Works Willie Midgett said that the department was helping as well.

“The more grass and sea oats we have on our dunes, really helps stabilize the beach, which in turn, could help delay the cost of renourishing in a few years … anything we can do to help maintain the beach, we’re going to do,” Midgett said.

The initiative kicked off April 29 at USS North Carolina in Wilmington, when Panthers Owner David Tepper swabbed the deck and then presented the Friends of the Battleship $5,100 for future preservation projects.

“Community service is something I personally think – and the Panthers think – is one of the most important things we can do, and we’re going to be at 25 different places for our 25th anniversary,” Tepper said in a statement. “Hopefully every one is as fun as this because I loved swabbing the deck. I think I may have to stay here all day and build some extra muscles or something like that. It was a great day.

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