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Shelter Helps Opossums, Other Wildlife

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NEWPORT — Two opossums have a snack in the outdoor enclosure at the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter and Education Center in Carteret County.

The Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter and Education Center, or OWLS, is a nonprofit wildlife hospital where thousands of injured, sick and orphaned native wildlife are rehabilitated and released.

The shelter is halfway through baby season, which is May through September, and is continuing to receive baby opossums and bunnies and will soon be getting squirrels, per the group’s Facebook, where this photo was featured.

OWLS cares for opossums like these two from infancy in the shelter’s nursery, to juveniles in the outdoor enclosures, to when they’re is old enough to be released in a safe location. The shelter released July 5 more than a half dozen opossums cared for in the facility.

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