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Dorian’s Swells Arrive Ahead of Storm

BOGUE BANKS — Long-period waves, those with a greater than normal distance from crest to crest, race up the beach to the dune line Sunday at Fort Macon State Park just before high tide.

Video shows the effects at the park just after 9 a.m.

Greg Rudolph with the Carteret County Shore Protection Office, which surveys beach erosion and manages renourishment projects, said long-period waves force the water far up the beach well ahead of any hurricane, and at high tide, water may approach or reach the dunes, as was the case Sunday morning.

“Like clockwork this started occurring late Saturday,” Rudolph stated in comments he shared Monday with the county Beach Commission and with Coastal Review Online.

He said the waves’ arrival was confirmed in data from the Onslow Bay buoy No. LEJ3.

Rudolph said that photos would be taken Tuesday morning and after the storm has passed at customary points along Bogue Banks for comparison to assess any erosion damage to the beach.

Data from the Onslow Bay buoy shows the wave period jump from about 6 seconds to more than 10 seconds on Saturday.

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