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Online Coastal Restoration Toolkit Launches

This 90-second video shows how to use the Coastal Restoration Toolkit. 

With the launch of new website Wednesday, citizens and organizations now have access to an online toolkit to help them address flooding, coastal erosion, water quality, invasive species and wildlife habitat in their coastal communities.

Restore America’s Estuaries, or RAE, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration launched the Coastal Restoration Toolkit to give homeowners, educators, local governments and resource managers the tools they need to coordinate and lead coastal restoration projects.

“Communities across the nation rely on coastal habitats for countless benefits, from clean drinking water to protection from storms,” said Carrie Robinson, NOAA Fisheries Office of Habitat Conservation director. “NOAA is excited to support the Coastal Restoration Toolkit and empower communities to embark on restoration projects that ensure the benefits these habitats provide can continue for generations to come.”

The Coastal Restoration Toolkit provides easy-to-follow guidance on planning a restoration project, real project examples by topic or region, and funding and permitting resources to address financial and technical barriers to actions.

“We are excited about the impact of the Toolkit as it’s used among our Nation’s coastal communities,” said Daniel Hayden, RAE president and CEO. “The Toolkit is a launching point for solutions to coastal restoration at the local level by and for coastal communities.”

RAE encourages sharing restoration projects on social media by using the hashtag #RestoreYourCoast and tagging @RAEstuaries on Instagram.

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