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Cape Hatteras to Begin Storm-Recovery Projects 

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Cape Hatteras National Seashore over the next two months will undergo four storm-related repair projects including boat docks on Ocracoke, parking lot repair in Buxton, dune restoration and road repair.

Achuti LLC based in Raleigh will begin Oct. 13 a project to install 15 new utility pedestals and utility lines at the Seashore’s Silver Lake boat slips on Ocracoke Island. Electrical systems inside the pedestals were damaged by saltwater flooding due to Hurricane Dorian. The boat docks should reopen in early January.

The old lighthouse beach parking lot, the former site of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton, has been damaged from many severe weather and ocean overwash events. Achuti LLC. will begin Nov. 2 the project to repair and repave the parking lot.

The old lighthouse beach parking lot will be closed during the project but visitors will continue to have access to parking in the nearby Cape Hatteras Lighthouse beach access parking lot, located just south, or the Buxton beach access parking lot which can be accessed by driving down Old Lighthouse Road in Buxton. The project is expected to be completed by the end of November.

A project to restore a large section of dune at the east end of Cape Hatteras Pier Drive is scheduled to begin Oct. 19. DOT Construction, Inc. in Morehead City expects to finish hauling sand, shaping the dune, and planting American beach grass on the dune by early December 2020.

The area was previously a parking lot that has been severely damaged by storms over the last several years. Given the lot’s proximity to the ocean, it is not sustainable to implement repairs. Therefore, the pavement has been removed and the dune will be rebuilt in the gap formed by the historic parking area. Over the next year, the Seashore will replace the lost parking capacity by enlarging the parking area at the Frisco Beach access, located about 0.3 miles to the south.

Residents and visitors will continue to have access down Cape Hatteras Pier Drive during construction.

Achuti LLC, the same contractor selected to complete the Ocracoke boat slip pedestal replacement and Old Lighthouse Beach parking lot repair projects, is scheduled to begin repairing and repaving Cape Hatteras Pier Drive shortly after the completion of the dune restoration project. The Seashore-owned road was damaged during Hurricane Florence and subsequent severe weather events.

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