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Razing of Hurricane-Damaged Units Begins

The 12 flood-damaged townhouse units on Shoreline Drive in Jacksonville damaged during Hurricane Florence are set to be destroyed this week. Photo: City of Jacksonville

More than two years after being damaged by Hurricane Florence, 12 flood-damaged townhouse units on in Jacksonville are scheduled to be demolished this week, the city announced Thursday.

Once the flood-damaged structures are removed, the property must be maintained in perpetuity as open space in order to conserve natural floodplain functions.

The owners of the units at 84, 86 and 90 Shoreline Drive chose to sell the property after it was extensively damage by the September 2018 storm in accordance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, or HMGP. FEMA will reimburse Jacksonville for all expenses associated with the acquisition and removal of the units.

Director of Planning and Inspections Ryan King said in a release that the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program “provides acquisition, relocation and elevation opportunities for homeowners with structures within special flood hazard areas.  Additionally, it is imperative that citizens consider obtaining flood insurance in the event of flood damage.  The City of Jacksonville is a Community Rating System (CRS) community which provides a reduction on flood insurance premiums.”

In order participate in the program, all owners within a single building had to agree to sell their property. The city is working with other property owners to acquire one additional flood damaged building along Shoreline Drive as part of the HMGP program.

Prior to demolition of the units, Jacksonville Public Safety participated in a number of training exercises using the buildings. Fire & Emergency Services personnel practiced vertical ventilation techniques with a ladder truck and the Police SWAT team used the buildings for tactical training.

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