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Who We Are

Coastal Review Online, or CRO, is a daily, nonprofit, news and feature service covering the North Carolina coast. It is produced by the North Carolina Coastal Federation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group dedicated to protecting and preserving the North Carolina coast.

What We Do

While the federation often advocates for better laws and policies, CRO is not an advocacy publication. We’re not interested in one-sided stories. Almost all of our stories are written by professional journalists, who strive to meet the highest standards of fairness and accuracy.

Coastal Review Online is a member of the North Carolina Press Association.


We launched CRO in February 2012 in an attempt to fill the gap in coastal environmental reporting created by the decline of traditional media. The ability of newspapers and other traditional media to report credibly and capably on news other than sports, business, politics and local affairs has been severely undercut by the loss of several thousand journalists during the contraction of the print and broadcast industries during the past decade. In the case of environmental issues, the loss is incalculable. Once there were as many as eight full-time environmental reporters in the state. Now, much of the North Carolina coast — indeed much of the state — is no longer within the beats of the two remaining environmental reporters.


CRO receives limited financial support from private foundations. We thank the Park Foundation and the Campbell Foundation for showing faith in our initial efforts.

The North Carolina Coastal Federation, though, has provided much of the money to keep CRO going. Joining the federation, then, indirectly supports our work here at CRO. We accept donations and grant support from businesses, organizations, foundations, families and individuals. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. It takes between $200 and $400 to produce each story you read on our website. Your donation will help pay for future stories. You can also sponsor CRO for a day, several days or a week.

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