• What’s On the Line? Triggerfish

    One of the strangest looking and trickiest to catch saltwater fish in North Carolina waters is the triggerfish. These animals swim by moving their top fin and bottom fins. Flapping them in the “breeze,” they are able to hover in one position. They can also lock themselves in a reef crevice for protection by erecting these […]

  • Death of a Royal Tern

    Peter Vankevich, co-publisher of the Ocracoke Observer, recounts finding a deceased royal tern at Springer’s Point and learning something unusual about the banded bird through the Bird Banding Laboratory in Patuxent, Maryland.

  • Value Fisheries, Communities Who Provide

    Guest columnist Timothy P. Clark writes that in order to promote sustainable seafood, coastal North Carolina needs to promote local purveyors and that the social consequences of fishery decline are drastic.

  • American Shad Restoration Efforts Continue

    American shad, once an important fishery in North Carolina, declined sharply in the late 20th century, but state and federal agencies are cooperating to restore their numbers.

  • Striped Bass Complex, Misunderstood Fish

    NC’s large population of striped bass are anadromous fish, but the behavior of their cousins in other waters varies in numerous ways, as columnist Robert Michelson explains.