Guest Columns

  • Lessons from Dorian: Oil, Water Still Don’t Mix

    Guest columnist Jean-Luc Duvall of Environment North Carolina writes that the oil pollution resulting from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas could also happen to the N.C. coast if offshore drilling is allowed here.

  • Strategies for Weathering the Next Storm

    As many N.C. residents continue to deal with Hurricane Florence’s effects a year after the storm’s landfall here, Will McDow of the Environmental Defense Fund offers four steps toward a more resilient future.

  • Fish to Eat? License Fee May Be Waived

    For those who fish for food and receive certain government assistance, a subsistence waiver can save the annual $15 recreational fishing license fee, but few who qualify may be aware.

  • Coastal Lands Melting Away Into the Sound

    In today’s guest commentary, Matt Paulson, Dare County Soil and Water Conservation District supervisor, writes that important steps can be taken to lessen the effects of climate change here where it matters most.

  • On Flood Control, The Dutch Are Masters

    The storm surge barrier near Rotterdam, Netherlands, a feat of engineering, is but one example of what coastal North Carolina can learn from the Dutch about flood prevention.

  • Our Military, Wind Farms Can Coexist

    Guest columnist Katharine Kollins of the Southeastern Wind Coalition writes that a bill recently introduced in North Carolina is an attack on wind energy that does nothing to protect military bases.

  • We Must Do More To Protect Coastal Waters

    Guest columnist Stevenson Weeks writes that the Newport River, known for its tasty oysters, is in peril unless lawmakers act on water quality recommendations to protect the resource.

  • Smarter Energy Investment Needed Now

    Guest columnist R. Bruce Holsten writes that market conditions, inherent risks and other business-related factors make Atlantic offshore exploration and drilling an unwise investment.

  • Improving NC’s Floodplain Buyout Program

    David Salvesen and Todd K. BenDor of UNC-Chapel Hill explain in today’s guest commentary their research on identifying ways to improve the floodplain buyout process in North Carolina.

  • Op-Ed: Connecting Climate Change, Storms

    Environmental journalist Miles O’Brien has partnered with Clean Air Carolina to present a short film series Sept. 27 in Durham on the impact of climate change on North Carolina.

  • Rebuild the Red Wolf Recovery Effort  

    Guest columnist Christian Hunt of Defenders of Wildlife writes that a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to reduce the Red Wolf Recovery Program’s territory will lead to the species’ extinction in the wild.