• Temporary Rules Needed to Protect Wetlands

    Guest column: The Environmental Management Commission should enact temporary rules restoring the Department of Environmental Quality’s authority to regulate activities in wetlands that no longer require federal permits.

  • Alienation: Are You Really at Home?

    We can’t truly experience the natural world until we come to know the world in which we live. If not, we risk becoming alienated from it — commentary by Jared Lloyd.

  • What’s On the Line: Cobia

    Ling, sergeant fish, lemonfish, crab eater — otherwise known as cobia, this fish grows large in N.C. waters, with the state and world record weighing more than 116 pounds caught here.

  • On The Line: False Albacore

    One of the best places to fish for the tuna-like false albacore is off the coast of Cape Lookout says columnist Robert Michelson.

  • What’s On the Line? Triggerfish

    One of the strangest looking and trickiest to catch saltwater fish in North Carolina waters is the triggerfish. These animals swim by moving their top fin and bottom fins. Flapping them in the “breeze,” they are able to hover in one position. They can also lock themselves in a reef crevice for protection by erecting these […]

  • Death of a Royal Tern

    Peter Vankevich, co-publisher of the Ocracoke Observer, recounts finding a deceased royal tern at Springer’s Point and learning something unusual about the banded bird through the Bird Banding Laboratory in Patuxent, Maryland.