• Analysis: A Cry for a Life Preserver

    Our founding editor Frank Tursi, who retired in 2016, shares his analysis and opinion regarding the recent Union of Concerned Scientists report on the effects rising seas could have on coastal communities.

  • Accidental Habitat or Nature’s Ghosts?

    Columnist Jared Lloyd explores whether alligators in the salt marsh are the result not of some fluke but rather a species returning to old haunts we didn’t know about — and the implications for wildlife management.

  • Sam’s Field Notes: Diamondback Terrapin

    It’s not a sea turtle but its home is aquatic and its future in peril. Our Sam Bland recently joined area wildlife researchers on a quest to document the diamondback terrapin’s abundance in coastal N.C. waters.

  • Beach Finds: Relics of a Former World

    Our longtime columnist Jared Lloyd is back with an account of a beachcombing discovery that, although not all that unusual, provides an imagination-stirring glimpse into our planet’s ancient past.

  • Rebuild the Red Wolf Recovery Effort  

    Guest columnist Christian Hunt of Defenders of Wildlife writes that a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to reduce the Red Wolf Recovery Program’s territory will lead to the species’ extinction in the wild.

  • In Memoriam: Bob Simpson, 1925-2018

    This week marks a month since the death of Bob Simpson, a writer, seasoned waterman, advocate for the creation of the Cape Lookout National Seashore and longtime owner of possibly the oldest fishing boat on the N.C. coast.

  • Sam’s Field Notes: Sandhill Cranes

    Our Sam Bland shares his adventures trying to catch a glimpse of a pair of sandhill cranes that made a stop in Beaufort during their fall migration to the wintering grounds in Florida.