• Editor’s Desk: ‘Coastoons’ Come to CRO

    Our editor, Frank Tursi, introduces our website’s newest feature called “Coastoons” by Bob Eckstein, an award-winning cartoonist for the New Yorker, and previews our coming series of stories about offshore drilling and the N.C. coast.

  • Guest Column: Asleep at the Helm?

    Duke geologist Orrin Pilkey raises the question about the state and its coastal management program after a project at North Topsail Beach left tons of rock on the beach.

  • Guest Column: Buffer Bills Shortsighted

    Two bills in the state legislature that would eliminate or greatly reduce buffers along the Neuse and Tar-Pamlico rivers would place greater burdens on cities, towns and farmers to clean up the polluted rivers.

  • Guest Column: Ill Wind Blows From Raleigh

    A promoter of offshore wind energy argues that a request by the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources to ban turbines within 25 miles of shore would kill any chance of developing wind farms off the N.C. coast.

  • Commentary: What Oil Money?

    Todd Miller thinks the odds are pretty long that the feds will share revenues from offshore drilling with North Carolina any time soon.

  • Sam’s Field Notes: Sea Foam

    Ever wonder what creates those tufts of sea foam on the beach? Naturalist Sam Bland investigates that answer, and saves a couple shorebirds while he’s at it.

  • Guest Column: Drilling Means Jobs

    David McGowan, executive director or the N.C. Petroleum Council, thinks offshore drilling can be done safely and would provide jobs and boost the coastal economy.

  • We’re Giving Bald Head a Pass

    The federation isn’t going to formally object to a terminal groin on Bald Head Island because there’s not much habitat there left to protect.