Todd Miller

  • Keep Plastics Out of Our Seafood

    With little doubt that microplastics find their way into seafood, Todd Miller of the North Carolina Coastal Federation says we should be doing everything possible to reduce the amount of plastic released into coastal waterways.

  • Dick Bierly is longtime president of the North Carolina Coastal Federation. Photo: Mark Hibbs

    Remembering a Tireless Coastal Advocate

    Our publisher Todd Miller reflects on the legacy of Dick Bierly, who died Wednesday at 86, and his longtime involvement with the North Carolina Coastal Federation and his tireless efforts to protect the coast.

  • Commentary: Many Davids Beat Goliath

    Titan was a “Goliath,” toppled by ordinary people who waged an extraordinary campaign to protect their quality of life and environment, writes Todd Miller.

  • Commentary: What Oil Money?

    Todd Miller thinks the odds are pretty long that the feds will share revenues from offshore drilling with North Carolina any time soon.

  • We’re Giving Bald Head a Pass

    The federation isn’t going to formally object to a terminal groin on Bald Head Island because there’s not much habitat there left to protect.

  • The Polar Vortex, Climate Change and Our Coast

    The wild swings of winter weather, scientists tell us, are related to a changing climate. It may be time to dust off an old report that suggests ways to better prepare for a different future.