Todd Miller

  • Hoop Pole Creek Preserve

    The “central park” of Atlantic Beach, the 31-acre preserve and nature trail was once threatened by development and is now about all that’s left of the town’s natural environment.

  • Why the Federation Is Opposed to Drilling Off N.C.

    Producing and refining oil and natural gas is a dirty, smelly business that pollutes the water and air, mars the landscape and, when an accident occurs, can have life-changing effects. And all for what? A few months supply of gasoline?

  • McCrory Should Step Lightly

    A new poll found that a sizable majority of voters thinks it’s prudent for Gov. Pat McCrory to balance economic development with environmental protection.

  • Political Commissars Coming?

    Thanks to a change in state law, Gov.-elect Pat McCrory now has lots more discretion to make state government a highly political place to work.

  • FEMA to the Beach Rescue… Again

    After Hurricane Sandy passes, beach communities will again ask for federal money to rebuild their beaches, but it’s not clear that’s what Congress intended.

  • A Different Kind of Commute

    Todd Miller’s commute to work can include flocks of cormorants blackening the sky and pound nets as “highway” markers.

  • Mega-Port: Time to Fix Costly Error

    The land that the state bought for a proposed mega-port near Southport isn’t worth anything near what the state paid for it six years ago. It’s time for the state to do right by its taxpayers.

  • Sea Level and the Naysayers

    The longer climate-change naysayers prevent meaningful collective action against global warming the more severe its economic consequences will be for all of us.

  • Groin Study Is Beyond Saving

    A complete permit application for a terminal groin at Figure Eight Island has never been submitted. So we ask: Why is an EIS being prepared?