Todd Miller

  • 30 Years and Counting

    The idea took shape while Todd Miller was clamming with his father. Here, he reflects on 30 years of advocating for the N.C. coast.

  • Time for a Face-to-Face Meeting

    The legislative debate over sea-level rise revealed a disturbing antipathy toward science among some legislator. Here’s one thing we can do.

  • A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats? (and Eventually Houses)

    A new scientific report by the U.S. Geological Survey that tells us that the East Coast of the U.S. from Cape Hatteras north is a “hotspot” for rising seas is stunning. It should instill a new sense of urgency in our state’s leadership to plan for significant changes in our coastline in coming years.

  • Now the Rest of the Story

    Opponents of the state’s policy on sea-level rise are fond of quoting a study of tides to prove the seas won’t rise as high a scientists expect. But the author says that’s not his study’s intent.

  • Not A Good Day for N.C.

    A N.C. Senate committee turned its back on science and the state’s proud traditions and passed the now-infamous sea-level rise bill.

  • Leave the CRC Alone

    The Coastal Resources Commission was intended to represent a broad cross-section of people. A new bill will diminish that intent.

  • Invest in Polaroid?

    Metaphorically speaking, that’s what the state legislature will be doing if it passes a foolish bill on sea-level rise.

  • The Sand Lobby

    Local governments in coastal North Carolina paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2011 to lobby Congress for money for their shore protection projects.

  • Is This Road Really Needed?

    Next time you’re stuck in traffic, you can turn your thoughts to the empty, $400 million superhighway that may soon be built through Tyrrell and Dare counties.