News & Features

  • Outer Banks Campus Puts the ‘Sea’ in CSI

    With its new affiliation, growing faculty and new programming, the Coastal Studies Institute in Wanchese is advancing long-term plans for becoming a world-class marine science facility.

  • Living Shoreline Proponents Tout Examples

    Field trips that kicked off a recent technical workshop on living shorelines provided a glimpse of the evolving technology to restore marsh habitat and guard against erosion.

  • Map Connects Wildlife Habitats, Corridors

    A national group that works to restore natural habitat has created a map intended to help other advocates reconnect large, undeveloped East Coast areas to protect wildlife.

  • State Conditions Sunset Beach Dredge Permit

    The N.C. Division of Coastal Management has issued a permit to Sunset Beach to dredge south Jinks Creek but with conditions, including limiting excavation to less than half of the requested depth.

  • Lurking Invaders Threaten US, Experts Warn

    Thousands of nonnative creepers and critters could wreak havoc here, according to members of the recently deactivated panel that had long advised the Interior Department on invasive species.

  • Bird Advocates Hail NC Native Plants Law

    Wildlife advocates are praising a state law passed earlier this year that requires the N.C. Department of Transportation to give priority to native, bird-friendly species in its plantings.

  • NC’s Next Sea Level Rise Study to Eye 2100

    The next update to the state’s periodic review of sea level rise science will consider projections out to 2100, not just the rolling 30-year time table the previous Coastal Resources Commission had mandated.