Beach & Inlet Management

  • North Topsail to Join Sand Project Agreement

    North Topsail Beach Aldermen have instructed the town’s attorney to notify the Corps of Engineers that the town will join a beach renourishment agreement with the Corps and Surf City.

  • Sunset Beach Tries Again On Dredging Plan

    Sunset Beach is now seeking state and federal permits to place beach-compatible sand offshore, after oceanfront property owners refused easements for the controversial Jinks Creek dredge project.

  • NTB Weighs How to Pay $3M Yearly For Sand

    North Topsail Beach aldermen say a tax increase, new fees could be tapped to pay for a 50-year plan to renourish its beaches, as the town continues to pay for a sand project completed five years ago.

  • Surf City Eyes $25M Berm, Dune Project

    Surf City will spend about $25 million on 6-mile berm and dune system built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from the town’s southern boundary with Topsail Beach to the northern end of Topsail Island.

  • Dare County Dredge A Step Closer

    Dare County officials have given the go-ahead for a private partner to proceed with a contract with a Louisiana firm to build a dredge.

  • Federal Judge Throws Out Challenge to CRC

    A federal judge has dismissed a Maryland couple’s legal fight against North Carolina regulators to replace a house destroyed by fire on the same site, one of the most rapidly eroding stretches of beach on the Outer Banks.

  • Corps Pulls Sunset Beach Dredge Application

    The Army Corps of Engineers has withdrawn Sunset Beach’s permit application for dredging Jinks Creek because the placement area for sand removed from the channel has not been determined.

  • Beach Projects Help But Choices Lie Ahead

    Officials in coastal N.C. communities say beach renourishment is essential to the economy, and federal dollars flow to sand projects in the wake of hurricanes, but priorities may change with rising seas and more storms.

  • Bogue Banks Project ‘A Go’ for February

    The $28.2 million Phase 2 Hurricane Florence sand replacement project for western Atlantic Beach, all of Pine Knoll Shores, a small part of Salter Path and a part of western Emerald Isle is expected to begin in early next month.

  • State Drafts Plan to Study Dredge Spoils Sites

    With new Corps of Engineers restrictions on the use of federal dredged materials disposal sites, N.C. officials have drafted a plan to identify other locations and study the state’s needs.