Beach & Inlet Management

  • Southern Shores Sets Forum on Beach Plan

    Town officials in Southern Shores have set a date for a forum to gauge public opinion on a proposed beach re-nourishment project that will likely require a tax increase.

  • ‘Many’ Figure Eight Owners Haven’t Voted

    As the world’s attention is focused on Election Day, a pending vote on a controversial plan to build a terminal groin on Figure Eight Island may not have generated the response proponents wanted, so far.

  • Figure Eight Set to Vote on Terminal Groin

    Property owners on Figure Eight Island will soon receive ballots for a vote on whether to proceed with construction of a terminal groin here. Meanwhile, a letter from nearly 50 owners opposed to the project will also arrive in their mailboxes.

  • Sunset Beach Studying Plan to Dredge Canals

    Officials in Sunset Beach have hired a firm to review the environmental effects of dredging creeks and man-made canals here, but some say going deeper for bigger boats is a bad idea.

  • Lawmakers Tour New River Inlet

    Members of a state House committee took a boat ride through New River Inlet to get firsthand look at shoaling and the erosion at North Topsail Beach. They heard about dredging, terminal groins and even jetties as possible solutions.

  • Figure Eight Homeowner Won’t Budge

    A homeowner on exclusive Figure 8 Island says he’s dead set against the terminal groin that the island’s homeowners’ association wants to build and won’t provide the needed easement.

  • Deadline Approaches for Permit Appeal

    Groups opposed to a planned 21-lot subdivision on an undeveloped, oceanfront stretch of Sunset Beach are awaiting a decision on whether they will be allowed to appeal a recently issued state permit for the project.

  • Corps Issues Final Study on Figure Eight Groin

    The Army Corps of Engineers has released its final environmental study on Figure Eight Island’s proposed terminal groin project, and island homeowners have applied for a permit to build the structure at Rich Inlet.

  • North Topsail Asks for Sand Tube Extension

    For the second time in less than a year, North Topsail Beach will ask for more time to remove an illegal portion of a sand bag wall it built in 2014 at New River Inlet. Now, the town wants six more years.

  • Topsail Beach’s Sand Dune Debate

    The much-debated dune ordinance Topsail Beach adopted a year ago is once again under review with the town planning board determining how much sand, if any, may be removed from a property in order to build.

  • CRC Tackles Sandbag Rules Again

    With its temporary sandbag rules tossed aside over a technicality, the state Coastal Resources Commission this month set its sights on drafting the permanent rules it needed to do anyway.