Beach & Inlet Management

  • Time Running Out for Old Cemetery

    Storms and rising seas threaten the Midgett Cemetery near Salvo on Hatteras Island. Efforts are underway to raise $120,000 to save the old cemetery, where generations of islanders are buried.

  • Critics: Terminal Groins Don’t Stop Erosion

    A terminal groin at Holden Beach would do far less than advertised, opponents said at a public forum. It would likely just benefit a handful of homes, they said, and push chronic erosion farther down the beach.

  • Same Tune, Different Players at Holden

    The newest proposal to build a terminal groin to control erosion on the east end of Holden Beach has been tried twice before. The latest version will be the subject of a public forum tonight on the island.

  • Topsail Seeks Exception to Federal Rule

    Topsail Beach officials are asking the Army Corps of Engineers for an exemption to federal Coastal Barrier Resources Act restrictions to secure their preferred source of sand for beach re-nourishment projects.

  • Experts Weigh In On Figure 8’s Groin Plan

    Coastal geologists, environmental groups and others came together recently to discuss Figure Eight Island’s plans for a terminal groin to fight erosion, but the opposing sides in the debate didn’t get any closer to a consensus.

  • North Topsail Must Remove Rocks by May

    State and federal wildlife officials say North Topsail Beach must remove the rocks pumped onto its beach during a 2015 renourishment project by May, when sea turtle nesting season begins, but discussions continue over how deep to dig.

  • Commission Approves New Sandbag Rules

    The state’s Coastal Resources Commission followed through Wednesday on the legislature’s directive to approve new, broader rules governing the use of sandbags to control erosion on N.C. beaches.

  • Effort to Secure Federal Help Begins

    Now that FEMA officials have seen the beach damage at North Topsail Beach from the recent storm, the process for the town’s request for assistance has started.

  • Groups Blast Town’s Terminal Groin

    The National Audubon Society says Holden Beach’s planned terminal groin will harm birds and wildlife and fail to stop erosion but town officials disagree.