Beach & Inlet Management

  • Dune Rule Kicks Up Sand in Topsail

    Owners of lots in Topsail Beach where homes once stood are threatening to sue the town over rules meant to protect sand dunes and other homes from flooding.

  • Groin Project Threatens Tern Habitat

    The least terns are back at Rich Inlet and Figure Eight Island, but environmentalists fear that a planned terminal groin threatens their future there.

  • How Can Oregon Inlet Be Fixed?

    More intense dredging may be one answer. The state is also considering a more novel approach: Acquiring the federal land on either side of the inlet to build jetties to hold the channel in place.

  • Take a Ride Through Oregon Inlet

    We take you on a boat ride through the recently dredged Oregon Inlet for a sense of why many think this is the most treacherous inlet on the East Coast.

  • How Did Rocks End Up on the Beach?

    Questions abound about the beach re-nourishment project at N. Topsail Beach. Why haven’t regulators been more forceful in protecting the public’s beach and the endangered animals that use it ?

  • County Backs Away From Mad Inlet

    Brunswick County commissioners have reversed an offer to let a proposed development in Sunset Beach tap into the county’s public utilities.

  • N. Topsail Rocks May Threaten Sea Turtles

    Rocks buried beneath sand being pumped onto the southern end of this town’s beach have created an unsuitable habitat for nesting sea turtles, according to the federal agency responsible for protecting endangered species.