Climate Change

  • N.C. 12

    NC Will Pay for Climate Inaction: Report

    A new report shows that the effects of climate change will significantly cost state residents and the economy over the next three decades without urgent action to curb climate-warming pollution.

  • Boosting Local Efforts Key In Resiliency Plan

    The N.C. Climate Change Interagency Council has wrapped up its review of the recently released report on risks and plan for climate resilience, highlighting the need to assist community-level decision making statewide.

  • Report Details Increasing Climate Threats

    Preliminary findings from an N.C. Institute for Climate Studies report include a range of significant changes affecting the state through 2100, including rising seas, wetter storms and frequent flooding.

  • Lurking Invaders Threaten US, Experts Warn

    Thousands of nonnative creepers and critters could wreak havoc here, according to members of the recently deactivated panel that had long advised the Interior Department on invasive species.

  • Retired General Frames Climate Change Risks

    Retired Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney, now CEO of the American Security Project think tank, told an audience in Wilmington this week that climate change poses a national security threat.

  • Rising Seas: Park Managers Are Taking Heed

    A National Park Service report released in May put N.C. parks at the highest risk from sea level rise and storm surge. Park officials say they have already taken steps to minimize climate change-related problems as studies continue.

  • Rising Seas Threaten $4 Billion in NC Property

    Sea level rise will put about $4 billion of coastal N.C. property value at risk of chronic flooding by 2045, says a recent report, but northeastern counties are among those facing problems already.

  • NOAA Tools Offer Help With Coastal Planning

    NOAA’s Digital Coast is a set of online tools developed to help turn data on sea level rise, coastal flooding and the benefits of wetlands into useful information for coastal communities.