Coastal Policy

  • Petition Calls For More Limits on Trawling

    The Marine Fisheries Commission is set to hear public comments Tuesday about a petition calling for more limits on shrimp trawling, a move commercial fishermen say will put them out of business and hurt consumers.

  • Official: New Flood Maps Are More Accurate

    An official with the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping office is aware of concerns raised about changes in proposed new flood insurance rate maps, but says their accuracy is improved.

  • New Flood Maps May Conflict With NC Rules

    Two members of panel that advises the state Coastal Resources Commission are calling for creation of a committee to study proposed new flood insurance rate maps, which they say appear to conflict with state rules and historical flood data.

  • UNC Center Names Interim Director

    UNC chose an interim director for its new environmental policy center amid heightened concerns both on and off campus about the potential for political interference in the center’s work.

  • Groups Want Industry to Get More Scrutiny

    Environmental groups and residents have proposed changes for New Hanover County’s special-use zoning permit process that would provide the public more detail on the potential effects of industrial development.

  • New Flood Maps Could Save You Money But…

    Proposed revisions to coastal flood maps shift many properties out of the most flood-prone zones. That will result in lower flood insurance premiums, but some officials fear it could also lead to complacency.

  • Catfish Blues: Rule Threatens Native Species

    Scientists and commercial fishermen worry that a recent regulatory change could kill the commercial market for blue catfish, an invasive species that left unchecked could wipe out native fish populations in North Carolina waters.

  • Little Money for Leaking Underground Tanks

    There are more than 5,000 sites in the state — 720 along the coast — that are contaminated from leaking, underground petroleum tanks. Thanks to budget cuts, there’s not nearly enough money to clean them up.