Coastal Policy

  • Bad Moon Arising Over State’s Wetlands?

    Several events during the first year of Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration have activists in North Carolina alarmed that the state’s once-firm commitment to preserving wetlands is eroding.

  • CRC to Finally Get Down to Work

    After a legislature-mandated shakeup that reduced its numbers and replaced roughly two-thirds of its membership, a newly-reconstituted N.C. Coastal Resources Commission starts work this week.

  • Pamlico Commissioners Want Answers

    The Pamlico County commissioners voted last night to ask the Army Corps of Engineers to re-examine its decision that wetlands aren’t present on hundreds of forested acres near Merritt that were cleared for farming.

  • Land Clearing in Pamlico May Spur Action

    Pamlico County commissioners tonight will consider taking action on a major land-clearing operation that farmers and business leaders fear is damaging wetlands and could lead to serious coastal water quality degradation.

  • Flood Insurance Changes Explained

    After being buffeted for years with criticism for encouraging irresponsible development along coastlines, the National Flood Insurance Program has begun phasing out subsidies on policies for high-risk properties.

  • McCrory Releases CRC Appointments

    Officials with the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources are hopeful that a slate of appointments released by the governor’s office yesterday means the Coastal Resources Commission can soon return to work.

  • Pamlico Land Clearing Raises Concerns

    Environmentalists fear that a major land-clearing operation near the Neuse River in Pamlico County could be destroying wetlands without the required permits.

  • Turning on the Federal Spigot?

    If N. Topsail Beach succeeds in its fight to change the boundaries of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act, federal money can be spent to subsidize flood insurance and development in town for the first time.

  • 30-Year-Old Law Provokes a Fight

    The federal Coastal Barrier Resources Act was meant to discourage development on some barrier islands. It hasn’t worked very well on N. Topsail Island and property owners there want it changed.

  • CRC Meeting: Quorum or Quandary

    The N.C. Coastal Resources Commission meets today to decided whether to appeal a court ruling. But only four members are left after the legislature fired most of the panel. Can the commission legally conduct business with less than a third of its members?

  • Pony Up to Park at Some N.C. Beaches

    While only a handful of North Carolina’s coastal towns charge beachgoers to park, the oft-controversial topic is a recurring discussion in some towns, begging the question of whether free parking at the beach will eventually become a thing of the past.