Coastal Policy

  • 30-Year-Old Law Provokes a Fight

    The federal Coastal Barrier Resources Act was meant to discourage development on some barrier islands. It hasn’t worked very well on N. Topsail Island and property owners there want it changed.

  • CRC Meeting: Quorum or Quandary

    The N.C. Coastal Resources Commission meets today to decided whether to appeal a court ruling. But only four members are left after the legislature fired most of the panel. Can the commission legally conduct business with less than a third of its members?

  • Pony Up to Park at Some N.C. Beaches

    While only a handful of North Carolina’s coastal towns charge beachgoers to park, the oft-controversial topic is a recurring discussion in some towns, begging the question of whether free parking at the beach will eventually become a thing of the past.

  • How Much Freshwater Can a Swamp Take?

    That’s the main question being asked about two proposed quarries that will dump almost 24 million gallons a day of freshwater into brackish, blackwater creeks.

  • Ruling Favors Putting Septic Tanks on Beach

    A new state ruling will make it easier for the owners of houses like this one to replace septic systems lost to storms on the beach as long as they are 50 feet from the water at low tide.

  • Buying Your Piece of Coastal Heaven

    Before making an offer on that perfect place for your retirement or coastal getaway, there are things like erosion rates and setbacks, hurricanes and flood insurance that you need to know about.