• Groups Worry Seismic Tests Will Happen

    Despite the recent announcement that plans to drill for oil and natural gas off the N.C. coast will not move forward during the next five years, several firms continue to seek federal permits for seismic exploration in the Atlantic.

  • Opponents Applaud Drilling Decision

    Many on the N.C. coast applauded the announcement Tuesday that the federal government has taken Atlantic offshore waters off the list of proposed leasing areas for oil and natural gas drilling.

  • Trends Favor Cheaper Offshore Wind Power

    As the federal government prepares to auction off areas for wind energy off the N.C. coast, trends in renewable energy hold promise that wind-power will soon become more competitive.

  • Fisheries Managers Go Slow on Seismic

    Seismic survey planning work in an enormous area off the southern half of the Atlantic coast has been put on hold while federal fisheries managers review new information about potential harm to sea turtles and whales.

  • Offshore Oil Ads Promise Jobs, Revenue

    A petroleum industry lobbying group has launched an ad blitz to counter growing opposition to offshore drilling but critics say it’s the same old arguments.

  • Extent of Seismic Tests Makes Feds Pause

    Exploration for oil and natural gas in the Atlantic Ocean will cover more territory than any previous modern-day seismic testing, giving pause to environmentalists and federal regulators.

  • Seismic Testing Needs World’s Attention

    Scientists, including a Duke University researcher, argue in a new paper that using sound waves in the ocean to detect oil and natural gas needs to be regulated by international treaties.

  • Panel: Seismic Effects Still Unclear

    Scientists who spoke at the recent N.C. Coastal Federation forum on offshore oil say more research is needed on seismic surveying’s effects on marine mammals.