Habitat Restoration

  • Audubon Completes Phase 1 of Reef Project

    Audubon North Carolina has completed its first phase of oyster reef restoration the lower Cape Fear River to help restore bird and fish habitat and improve water quality.

  • Kerr-McGee Restoration Projects Selected

    More than $12 million worth of habitat restoration projects have been identified in the first phase of a plan to offset environmental damage at the Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp. site in Navassa.

  • 9 NC Resiliency Projects Receive Millions

    Nine coastal resiliency projects in North Carolina have been awarded funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Emergency Coastal Resilience Fund launched in August 2019.

  • Beaufort Backs Marine Debris Effort

    Beaufort recently announced its support of a new, detailed plan for removing and preventing debris such as dock materials and derelict boats in town waters.

  • Group Rolls Out Marine Debris Action Plan

    The first of its kind for the state, the North Carolina Marine Debris Action Plan released earlier this month is a coordinated effort to prevent and remove marine debris along the state’s coast.

  • Living Shoreline Cost Depends on Site, Size

    “How much does a living shoreline cost?” isn’t just the first question, it’s the question that dominates the living shoreline conversation, and the answer isn’t all that straightforward.

  • Living Shoreline Proponents Tout Examples

    Field trips that kicked off a recent technical workshop on living shorelines provided a glimpse of the evolving technology to restore marsh habitat and guard against erosion.

  • Map Connects Wildlife Habitats, Corridors

    A national group that works to restore natural habitat has created a map intended to help other advocates reconnect large, undeveloped East Coast areas to protect wildlife.