Habitat Restoration

  • Report Cites Benefits of Living Shorelines

    Natural methods to protect eroding shorelines are better often cheaper for the property owner, easier to build for the contractor and better for the marine environment, according to a new report on so called “living shorelines.”

  • Residents Do Right by Dunes

    Volunteers in Emerald Isle recently completed the first phase of what they hope will become a major public-private effort to rebuild and protect the crucial oceanfront dune system.

  • ‘Oyster Summit’ Paying Dividends

    The ‘oyster summit’ in Raleigh last month has generated much buzz about the lowly oyster and its environmental and economic benefits. The summit triggered two bills in the state legislature to strengthen the state’s oyster industry.

  • Report: Fixing the Coast Good for Economy

    The benefits of restoring North Carolina’s coastline extend beyond the state’s environment, infusing millions of dollars into local economies, according to a new report.

  • Giving Bees and Butterflies a Hand

    Since the beginning, humans have relied on a partnership with nature to survive. So it is only natural that when the tiniest workers in the human food chain are in danger, it is time to give them a little helping hand.

  • Navassa Superfund Site Slated for Cleanup

    More than $10 million has been allocated to clean up the site of a former wood treatment plant following a federal lawsuit that resulted in the largest environmental settlement in U.S. history.

  • The Challenge of Living Shorelines

    A new report confirms that these more natural ways to control erosion are better for the environment than bulkheads, but few waterfront property owners use them.

  • Marsh Planting Stabilizes Island

    A marsh planting on Carrot Island near Beaufort will protect its rapidly eroding shoreline and show people how to control erosion without resorting to bulkheads.

  • A Bang for the Oyster Buck

    Restoring oyster reefs and building marshes are good for the coastal environment and economy, bringing jobs and tax revenue to local communities, according to a recent federal study.