• U.S. Senate OKs Aid, Legislature Opens Talks

    As a federal COVID-19 aid package gained Senate approval in Washington, N.C. legislators began discussions Wednesday on bills needed to address economic effects of the coronavirus, including impacts on coastal businesses.

  • Coastal Incumbents Survive Challenges

    According to the unofficial results from the N.C. Board of Elections for Super Tuesday, state House incumbents representing coastal districts have withstood challenges from within their respective parties.

  • Budget Fights Increase Pressure on DEQ

    Amid the impasse between the governor and legislative leaders, a number of Department of Environmental Quality initiatives and long-sought environmental priorities remain on hold.

  • Trust Funds Shortchanged in Budget Impasse

    The deadlock over the state budget between the Democratic governor and Republicans in the General Assembly leaves $15 million out of reach for parks and recreation, clean water trust funds.

  • Bird Advocates Hail NC Native Plants Law

    Wildlife advocates are praising a state law passed earlier this year that requires the N.C. Department of Transportation to give priority to native, bird-friendly species in its plantings.

  • Session Yields Spending Bills Amid Impasse

    As the stalemate over a final budget continues, leaders in the N.C. General Assembly are pressing forward with smaller-scale spending plans that include numerous coastal provisions.

  • House Set to Vote on Disaster Recovery Bill

    Money for storm recovery, water quality monitoring, a resiliency study and other coastal needs is included in a disaster funding bill making its way through the General Assembly this week.

  • Impasse Snags PFAS, Clean Water Funding

    Research on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and millions of dollars in funding for clean water and parks and recreation trust funds are caught up in the ongoing state budget deadlock.