• On Ballot this Fall, an Historic Power Struggle

    Five former N.C. governors urged voters to reject the constitutional amendments the legislature has approved for the ballot in November’s election, as the Southern Environmental Law Center and the NAACP launch a court challenge.

  • Analysis: NC’s Battle for Regulatory Control

    One of the General Assembly’s six proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot this fall would significantly shift toward the legislature the state’s longstanding balance of power in environmental regulation.

  • Coastal Changes OK’d In Whirlwind Session

    A controversial shellfish aquaculture bill appeared stalled at the week’s end, but the N.C. General Assembly has already approved dozens of coastal provisions in their rush to wrap up the session by the end of the month.

  • Budget Plan Funds Dredge, GenX Studies

    Among other coastal provisions, Republicans’ state budget proposal released Monday commits $15 million for a dredge for Oregon Inlet and $5 million to the N.C. Policy Collaboratory for GenX research.

  • New GenX Bills Prompt Enforcement Worries

    GenX-related bills filed late last week in the N.C. General Assembly quickly drew criticism from environmental groups and a former regulator that they could create unintended consequences in the enforcement of existing pollution laws.

  • Utility, UNCW Stand By Contaminant Reports

    Republicans in the House Committee on N.C. River Quality blasted them as ‘political,’ but UNC Wilmington and Cape Fear Public Utility Authority officials say their study reports on GenX and other contaminants in the water supply are accurate.

  • Reworked GenX Bill Goes Back to House

    Disagreements over how to address GenX and other emerging contaminants were heated Friday but the state Senate passed its version of a funding bill, which some say falls short.

  • New Questions As GenX Debate Continues

    New questions regarding the state’s regulatory authority have emerged as the debate continues over how to respond to the issue of GenX and other emerging contaminants.

  • Stalemate On GenX: Senate Says No Urgency

    Despite the House’s unanimous support of a bill with money to address GenX in drinking water supplies in the southeastern part of the state, Senate leaders say they need more time to consider options.

  • GenX Bill Orders Studies, Provides No Money

    The House Select Committee on North Carolina River Quality approved legislation Thursday that mandates three GenX-related studies and a review of the science for health advisories but includes no additional funding for the studies or state response.