• Trust Funds Shortchanged in Budget Impasse

    The deadlock over the state budget between the Democratic governor and Republicans in the General Assembly leaves $15 million out of reach for parks and recreation, clean water trust funds.

  • Bird Advocates Hail NC Native Plants Law

    Wildlife advocates are praising a state law passed earlier this year that requires the N.C. Department of Transportation to give priority to native, bird-friendly species in its plantings.

  • Session Yields Spending Bills Amid Impasse

    As the stalemate over a final budget continues, leaders in the N.C. General Assembly are pressing forward with smaller-scale spending plans that include numerous coastal provisions.

  • House Set to Vote on Disaster Recovery Bill

    Money for storm recovery, water quality monitoring, a resiliency study and other coastal needs is included in a disaster funding bill making its way through the General Assembly this week.

  • Impasse Snags PFAS, Clean Water Funding

    Research on per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and millions of dollars in funding for clean water and parks and recreation trust funds are caught up in the ongoing state budget deadlock.

  • Brown Says Wind Energy Bill Dead For Now

    Sen. Harry Brown said last week during his testimony in a partisan redistricting trial that his measure to limit sites for wind energy projects won’t be taken up again this session.

  • Cooper Signs Shellfish Aquaculture Bill

    The governor has signed recently passed bill to dramatically overhaul North Carolina’s shellfish leasing program creates new shellfish enterprise areas and establishes three large-scale leases in Pamlico Sound.

  • Reworked Bill to Limit Wind Energy Advances

    A version of a bill to restrict where wind energy development may happen in North Carolina that had stalled earlier this session passed the Senate this week but may undergo another revision.

  • Retooled Shellfish Leasing Bill Advances

    Legislation authorizing expanded shellfish leasing in state waters advanced this week in the N.C. General Assembly, giving hope for success after a similar bill failed last year.