• Utility, UNCW Stand By Contaminant Reports

    Republicans in the House Committee on N.C. River Quality blasted them as ‘political,’ but UNC Wilmington and Cape Fear Public Utility Authority officials say their study reports on GenX and other contaminants in the water supply are accurate.

  • Reworked GenX Bill Goes Back to House

    Disagreements over how to address GenX and other emerging contaminants were heated Friday but the state Senate passed its version of a funding bill, which some say falls short.

  • New Questions As GenX Debate Continues

    New questions regarding the state’s regulatory authority have emerged as the debate continues over how to respond to the issue of GenX and other emerging contaminants.

  • Stalemate On GenX: Senate Says No Urgency

    Despite the House’s unanimous support of a bill with money to address GenX in drinking water supplies in the southeastern part of the state, Senate leaders say they need more time to consider options.

  • GenX Bill Orders Studies, Provides No Money

    The House Select Committee on North Carolina River Quality approved legislation Thursday that mandates three GenX-related studies and a review of the science for health advisories but includes no additional funding for the studies or state response.

  • GenX Bills Expected During January Session

    The North Carolina General Assembly is ramping up to its return to Raleigh Jan. 10, 2018, with plans to address immediate needs related to GenX and other emerging contaminants.

  • New State Fund to Go Toward Sand Projects

    The legislature, in its recent override of Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of House Bill 56, created a new state fund to help local governments pay for beach re-nourishment projects, but where that money will come from remains uncertain.

  • GenX Battle Expected As Legislature Returns

    State lawmakers head back to Raleigh this week with a showdown likely over Gov. Roy Cooper’s recent veto of an environmental bill that included limited funding to address GenX in the Cape Fear River.

  • GOP Blasts Cooper’s Veto of House Bill 56

    Republican legislators called “troubling” Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto Thursday of the wide-ranging environmental bill that included, among other controversial provisions, only local funding to address GenX in Wilmington’s drinking water.

  • Analysis: Environmental Bills Shaped In Secret

    Closed-door negotiations have increasingly become the norm in the North Carolina General Assembly, especially with contentious environmental measures such as the recently passed House Bill 56.