News & Features

  • Wildlife Shelter Prepares for Baby Season

    Folks at the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter are in need of volunteers and donations as they get ready for the influx of young animals needing care and rehabilitation in springtime.

  • Push On to Change Sand Rule Interpretation

    Topsail Island officials, with support from the state’s congressional delegation, are calling for changes that would once again allow use of a longtime source of sand for beach renourishment projects.

  • Groups Move to Block Start of Seismic Tests

    Conservation groups including the North Carolina Coastal Federation have filed in federal court a motion to block seismic surveys from beginning until a separate lawsuit is resolved.

  • Oyster Summit to Spotlight Mariculture

    The daylong 2019 North Carolina Oyster Summit set for March 12 in Raleigh will focus on habitat restoration, the growing mariculture industry and related economic benefits and opportunities.

  • Outer Banks Towns Dig For Flooding Fixes

    Outer Banks officials are tapping state grants, partnering on studies and taking other steps to address increasingly persistent flooding and faulty, inadequate drainage systems.

  • How A Beach Town Manages Coyote, Deer

    Eradication is not the goal for Emerald Isle’s efforts to control wildlife within its town limits, rather officials seek to strike a balance so residents and wildlife can safely coexist.

  • Group Seeks Corps’ OK On Dredge Spoil Plan

    The N.C. Beach, Inlet and Waterway Association has presented a plan to the Corps of Engineers to again allow towns and businesses to place dredge spoil in federally maintained disposal sites.

  • Reckoning with Climate Change Ahead

    In the wake of Hurricane Florence, the North Carolina General Assembly has given more attention to climate change, though some legislators remain skeptical.

  • Questions Arise Over Dredge Firm Selection

    An alternate member of the Oregon Inlet Task Force has questioned the proposed selection of a new company with no significant dredge experience as contractor to maintain Oregon Inlet.

  • Nonprofit Outlines Plan for Topsail Projects

    Resource Institute of Winston-Salem, which was granted last year $5 million in state money, is set to lead a task force in prioritizing a list of 23 storm-mitigation projects proposed by the three Topsail Island towns.