News & Features

  • Session Yields Spending Bills Amid Impasse

    As the stalemate over a final budget continues, leaders in the N.C. General Assembly are pressing forward with smaller-scale spending plans that include numerous coastal provisions.

  • NC Fisheries Woes Not Listed in NOAA Report

    Two of North Carolina’s most important and troubled fisheries were not included on the “overfished” or “overfishing” lists in the National Marine Fisheries Service’s recent annual status report.

  • UNCW Series Examines Climate Challenges

    A seminar Tuesday on managing and adapting as sea levels rise, along with other effects of climate change, kicked off UNCW’s monthly, collaborative series on coastal resiliency.

  • PFAS Found in Biodegradable Food Packaging

    Biodegradable paper plates and food packaging may seem environmentally friendly, but recent studies have found per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in compost that includes food containers.

  • NC Not Getting Federal Grant to Study PFAS

    North Carolina is not among seven states that will be awarded federal grant funding to conduct health studies on people in specific communities who have been drinking water contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known as PFAS.

  • New Rule Limits Options For Saving Species

    The Trump administration’s new Endangered Species Act rule takes effect this week, with changes that conservationists say will hinder future measures to save wildlife and plants from extinction.

  • Public Can Weigh in on Inlet Hazard Updates

    The state Division of Coastal Management will hold several public hearings on proposed updated inlet hazard area boundaries and building rules, following hearings on the updated erosion rates used to determine the proposed IHAs

  • ‘Forever Chemicals’ Execs Under Fire

    For the first time, executives from Chemours, DuPont and 3M were called before a U.S. House environmental oversight committee to discuss their accountability in PFAS contamination plaguing North Carolina and the country.