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  • Biden Signs Order On Climate, EJ, Natural Gas

    President Biden signed an executive order Wednesday that addresses climate change, environmental justice, protects U.S. lands and waters and pauses on entering into new oil and natural gas leases.

  • Judge Orders Release of Red Wolves in NC

    A federal judge has sided with conservation groups, ruling that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service must immediately resume releases of captive-bred red wolves into the management area in northeastern North Carolina.

  • Agreement OKs Year-Round Ports Dredging

    The N.C. Division of Coastal Management has approved the Corps’ request to eliminate the environmental window for dredging at the ports in Morehead City and Wilmington.

  • Gaps In Data Delay Chowan River Basin Plan

    The N.C. Environmental Management Commission took no action to adopt an updated water resources plan for the Chowan River Basin, which has seen a steady increase in toxic algae blooms.

  • EPA Denies Petition to Address PFAS

    The Environmental Protection Agency denied a petition from six eastern N.C. community groups to require Chemours Co. to test 54 PFAS produced at its Fayetteville Works facility.

  • Blair Farm Site Back on Market After Ruling

    An undeveloped 12-acre tract with water frontage in Morehead City that had been set aside for conservation in 2003 is back on the market after a court decision lifted restrictions on the deed.

  • Long-Term Plans Ahead for Shifting Sands

    Federal, state and local officials in coastal North Carolina are taking new approaches toward sand management and ever more serious beach erosion and channel shoaling.

  • Treasury Now Holds Restoration Grant Funds

    The state Court of Appeals filed Dec. 15 the decision that funds from the Smithfield Agreement for environmental enhancement projects will be held by the state treasury rather than a private bank account, as it has been.