News & Features

  • Park, Partners Sculpt Plan to Curb Debris

    Summer interns patrolling for sea turtles at Hammocks Beach State Park found few visitors but gobs of trash, setting in motion a campaign with stakeholders using a sculpture to educate folks about marine debris.

  • Brown Says Wind Energy Bill Dead For Now

    Sen. Harry Brown said last week during his testimony in a partisan redistricting trial that his measure to limit sites for wind energy projects won’t be taken up again this session.

  • NCDOT Gets OK for Short-Term Erosion Fix

    After losing more than 70 feet of shoreline in the past year, NCDOT has been granted special permission to install sandbags in ways not generally allowed by state rules.

  • Swamp No More: New Plan Ahead for River

    No longer classified as a swamp, work is to begin on a new plan to address the Lower Cape Fear River water quality problems that prompted the attempted regulatory end run.

  • Study Examines PFAS Data From 3 States

    A three-year study is underway to better understand the extent of poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances contamination in North Carolina, Colorado and Michigan and its effects on residents.

  • Recyclers Grapple With Contamination Costs

    Garbage mixed with recyclables is compounding problems and raising costs in the recycling industry, as here on the coast, operators ask folks to be mindful of what they throw in the bin.