• Study: Polluted Runoff Reaches Beaches

    A draft report on a study nearly a decade in the works shows that bacteria levels regularly exceed standards near drain pipes that dump stormwater in the ocean off Dare County beaches.

  • Effort to Clean River Begins on Lawns

    Cedar Point officials, ECU and the N.C. Coastal Federation have teamed to reduce stormwater runoff into the White Oak River, which the EPA says is impaired.

  • Controlling Runoff Is the Fix for Creek

    Even if it were possible, dredging may not be the ultimate solution for an ailing creek in Swansboro. Any real fix includes finally getting control of the poisoned runoff that has assaulted Hawkins Creek for decades.

  • The Sad Story of Hawkins Creek

    Hawkins Creek in Swansboro was once thriving with fish and was a good place for a cool summer swim. Now, there’s hardly enough water to wet your feet, and the water’s often nasty. We take a two-part look at Hawkins.

  • Private Sewer Plants Could Fuel Development

    Sewer plants at two residential subdivisions in western Carteret County could be turned into regional plants that would increase development and threaten the shellfish waters of Bogue Sound.

  • KISS My … LID

    Engineers have a term for it: KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid is a universal principle of design, and LID — low-impact development — is the epitome of the approach.

  • Will Sewer Be Good for the White Oak?

    A small town in Carteret County where almost $500,000 in federal grants has been spent to control runoff into the lower White Oak River is considering installing centralized sewer, which could lead to even more runoff into the river.