• Carteret Town Looks Across White Oak

    Cedar Point in western Carteret County and a sewer authority in adjacent Onslow County are in early but serious talks about extending a sewer line across the White Oak River to the town.

  • White Oak River: Round III

    Another round of work will begin in Cedar Point in Carteret County to better control runoff that’s polluting the White Oak River.

  • Pelican Award: Burrows Smith

    He told his engineers to trash their plans once he learned how he could help the environment and save money. Find out why the N.C. Coastal Federation gave this developer a Pelican Award.

  • From Eyesore to Functioning Wetlands

    The designs are completed and the easements surveyed. The N.C. Coastal Federation will soon start restoring two ponds in Cape Carteret to aid an ailing creek.

  • Wet Weather Brings Swimming Warnings

    Yes, it’s rained. A lot. With the incessant rain has come a slew of state advisories about swimming in some coastal waters because of high bacteria levels.

  • Neighborhood Gets a Runoff Refit

    Some driveways have been repaved and other steps will be taken to reduce polluted runoff in Raintree, an existing housing subdivision in Wilmington.

  • LID Draws a Packed House in Raleigh

    A conference on low-impact development drew hundreds of people to hear about promising techniques to control runoff that is poisoning the state’s waterways.

  • The Congo of Polluted Water

    If connected end-to-end, North Carolina’s impaired river and stream segments would form the ninth-longest river in the world. Its acreage of polluted lakes, marshes and sounds would cover Yellowstone National Park.