Terminal Groins

  • What Will a Groin Do to Rare Birds at Rich Inlet?

    That’s the million-dollar question. Though the federal review of the possible environmental effects of the proposed terminal groin on Figure Eight Island is nearing completion, federal agencies charged with protecting birds haven’t yet started assessing what the groin might do to troubled bird species.

  • Bald Head Seeks Permit for Terminal Groin

    Bald Head Island could become the first N.C. community to build a terminal groin since lawmakers reversed the ban on such structures. First, they must clear a number of hurdles.

  • Groups: Figure Eight Groin for the Birds

    Figuratively speaking, that is. The feathered kind, like the little piping plover, will likely suffer if Figure Eight Island builds its proposed terminal groin at Rich Inlet, environmentalists say.

  • Bald Head Prepares Terminal Groin Project

    Bald Head Island is moving ahead with plans to build an almost 2,000-foot-long terminal groin to control erosion. A planned public hearing on the project that had been set for tonight has been cancelled.

  • Group: Terminal Groin Changes Merit New Study

    A new design and location for a proposed terminal groin at Figure Eight Island are so extensive that the Army Corps of Engineers should restart the review process, says the N.C. Coastal Federation.

  • Bald Head’s Battle with the Sea

    Officials on Bald Head Island in the mouth of the Cape Fear River are asking for a host of changes to state rules that they say are needed to allow them to better control worsening erosion.

  • McCrory, DENR Oppose Jetty Bill

    A move by coastal senators to scuttle a 2011 compromise on the use of terminal groins to halt beach erosion has gotten a cold reception from the McCrory Administration.

  • Bill Guts Safeguards for Terminal Groins

    Small jetties, called terminal groins, could be built at all the inlets along the N.C. coast, under a bill that a state Senate committee passed yesterday, and state taxpayers could be asked to pay for all of them.