Terminal Groins

  • Agencies, Groups Critical of Groin Project

    Federal and state agencies have asked for more study of a proposed terminal groin project on Figure Eight Island, and one federal agency has recommended that the proposal be denied until more information is provided.

  • figure eight

    Figure 8 First Out of Gate With Groin Project

    Four communities are planning to take advantage of a new state law that allows small jetties, called groins, to be built at inlets to control beachfront erosion. Figure Eight Island near Wilmington is the farthest along.

  • terminal groin

    State Grapples With Unknowns of Groin Permits

    The N.C. Division of Coastal Management is grappling with many unknowns as it works with applicants to implement a new state law that allows as many as four small jetties, called terminal groins, to be built at inlets along the beach.